Grand Cayman - The Perfect Destination for Infants and Toddlers

I should be wrapping presents, but figured I’d procrastinate a little while longer and catch you all up on our vacation to Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands. This will be one of several posts in a series, as there’s so much to share about Grand Cayman, and I can’t fit it all in one post!

Believe it or not, this is our THIRD trip to Grand Cayman in the past sixteen months! It’s actually kind of surprising, because we typically avoid going back to the same destination over and over, as we enjoy exploring new areas; however, Grand Cayman is clearly an exception. In my mind, it is one of the best family-friendly destinations in the Caribbean.


Grand Cayman has a reputation of being the place where the rich and famous hide their money (the banking industry on the island is prominent) and also where they go to vacation. And while this may be true, the island attracts people from all walks of life and economic backgrounds.

Because I love lists, here are the top seven reasons why we’ve fallen in love with the island of Grand Cayman:

1.       It’s a short flight from most East Coast cities. And bonus for us, there’s a nonstop flight from DC to Grand Cayman. Wheels up to wheels down is 3.5 hours.

2.       The island is ranked one of the safest in the Caribbean. Safety is always a concern for me, when traveling with my daughter.

3.       Families are everywhere! It’s not an island where you’ll see tons of rowdy Spring Breakers. It is a super family-friendly island. Young children are welcomed in almost all restaurants, and there are lots of options for activities. We were surprised by how many of the tourists were traveling with infants. It was great!

4.       No one will try to sell you tchotchkes on the beach or offer hair braiding services. (no further explanation needed!) If relaxation is what you want, you will get it!

5.       It’s considered the culinary capital of the Caribbean. The food in Grand Cayman is delicious, and the big names of the culinary world (Anthony Bourdain, Eric Ripert, etc.) are often on the island. Maybe one day I’ll be lucky enough to attend the Cayman Cookout, the annual food and wine festival that takes place on Grand Cayman.

6.       Caymanians are SO kind and warm. I guess it makes sense that the slogan for the island is “Cayman Kind,” because the local Caymanians are some of the most genuine and warm people I’ve ever met while traveling.

7.       Stable infrastructure: the roads are well paved, there is reliable healthcare available, and there is access to clean and safe drinking water (from the tap). So, in mom-speak, that means no travel vaccinations are needed and if your little one gets sick, getting them to the nearest hospital will not be a problem.

VMC Rum Point 2017.JPG

And because I want to give you an honest perspective, I think it’s also important to share the “cons” of the island. Well, there’s only ONE con: the average cost of meals and lodging is definitely expensive; However, you can tailor your trip to Grand Cayman in a way that makes it more affordable. For example, you can rent a condo or a home instead of staying on a resort (resort fees add up!), you can cook most of your meals in the condo instead of eating out, and you can opt for the free/inexpensive activities, rather than the organized day tours offered by tour operators. But I’ll get into these details later! Stay tuned for my next post about all the great things to do with your family on the island.