And, We're Live!

And just like that, the site is live and this is my first blog post! So incredibly exciting. You may be wondering what was the motivation behind this blog.  Well, it all started after our daughter was born and I was desperate to go away on a vacation of any kind!

Let me give you some background: pre-baby, I was always on the go traveling to some place new. I'm a little obsessive about getting the best travel deals, and would use any combination of frequent flyer miles, travel points, and off-season destination promotions to create my "dream" vacation on a budget. 


Of course, when opting to plan a trip this way, you have to accept the reality of inflexible flight schedules and more time in transit. On a two week trip throughout Italy with my husband, we decided to spend time on the Amalfi coast. The most cost effective way to get there was to take the metro in Rome to the main train station, hop on a train to Naples, and then take the metro in Naples to a town outside of Sorrento. Add in the complication of an employment strike by transportation workers, and a metro car that broke down in 80 degree weather while we were en route to Sorrento! While it wasn't the easiest travel day for us, it has remained one of our most memorable vacation [horror] stories to date.

Fast-forward a bit and cue the arrival of our newborn baby girl.  The planes, trains, and automobiles style of travel that we were used to was NOT going to work now that we had a baby in tow. 

newborns: The easiest age to travel! Photo Credit: Candids and Colors PHOTOGRAPHY

newborns: The easiest age to travel! Photo Credit: Candids and Colors PHOTOGRAPHY

So I dug in deep to research the best trips for traveling with an infant, and surprisingly, I found almost nothing valuable! How could this be?? I thought, "Are Disney cruises the only vacation families with young kids take??" While we've enjoyed our fair share of cruises, we wanted something more - something more flexible, adventurous, and fun. 

And beyond wanting to plan a vacation, I was simply struggling to find activities to do with a baby who could not walk or talk. During those early days, I desperately wanted to get out of the house and do something enjoyable, but had no clue where to go with such a young child.

Our daughter is now two, and our weeks are full with activities and travel. We've taken her on three big trips - one off the U.S. mainland and two international. I spent HOURS sifting through details and planning almost every element of those vacations. I happen to genuinely enjoy researching where to eat, what to do, and how to engage in the local culture of travel destinations, so why keep all those tips to myself when I can share them with you all?? And then, this blog was born!