The Ultimate Packing List for Vacations with Young Children

We’re leaving for vacation soon (woot woot!), and I still feel like I have so much to do! But, the one thing I feel good about is what I’ve packed for the trip.  Ya see, I am the Queen of Lists! Life has become so busy these days; my lists have become my lifeline. So, the one thing that ensures that I don’t leave any important items at home when we’re on vacation is my packing list!

I’m happy to share it with you all. And now, you don’t have to recreate one every time you travel! Of course, feel free to modify it for your family.



General Items:
•    Travel itinerary
•    Printed boarding passes (I never rely on my phone for boarding passes.)
•    ID or Passports for everyone
•    Clorox wipes
•    Plastic grocery bags (for dirty laundry)
•    Snacks

•    Tablet
•    Tablet charger
•    Cell phone charger
•    Go Pro Camera
•    DSLR Camera

Items for Mom:
•    Clothing
•    Pajamas
•    Undergarments
•    Swimsuit
•    Sun hat
•    Shoes (sandals/workout shoes/casual)

Personal Items:
•    Feminine products
•    Comb/brush
•    Hair bands
•    Toothbrush/toothpaste
•    Accessories
•    Shampoo/Conditioner
•    Facial products (moisturizer/cleanser)
•    Makeup
•    Blow dryer
•    Flat iron/curling iron

Items for Dad
•    Clothing
•    Undergarments
•    Pajamas
•    Sneakers
•    Hat
•    Swim trunks
•    Shoes (sandals/workout shoes/casual)
•    Socks

Personal items:
•    Comb/brush
•    Razor/shaving cream

Items for the Little One
•    Clothing
•    Swimsuit
•    Socks

Personal items:
•    Wash cloths (because the ones in hotels can be harsh on skin)
•    Pack’n’Play sheet/crib sheet
•    Favorite blankets (one for your carry on and one for your checked luggage)  
•    Small stuffed animal


•    Baby/toddler shampoo
•    Baby/toddler brush and comb
•    Baby/toddler toothbrush
•    Kids Toothpaste
•    Baby Lotion
•    Kid-safe insect repellent
•    Diapers or Pull-ups
•    Underwear (if potty trained)
•    Wipes
•    Disposable diaper sacks
•    Infant Ibuprofen

Baby/Toddler Gear:
•    Car Seat
•    Car Seat Carrier
•    Stroller
•    Baby Carrier/Ergo
•    Baby Monitor
•    Sound Machine
•    Life Vest and/or floaties

Kitchen Utensils/Eating Items:
•    Sippy cups/Water bottles
•    Small bowls (for cereal or snacks)
•    1 Fork/spoon
•    Bib

Kids Activity items:
•    Puzzles
•    Books (small ones)
•    Stickers
•    Crayons/coloring books 

Now...time to figure out HOW to fit all this stuff in my suitcase!!