Bitten by the Disney Bug

Up until this point in my adult life, I have never, ever, understood the worldwide obsession with Disney World or anything related to Disney in general. It all just seemed too cheesy, too forced, and an obnoxious level of sugary sweet (artificial) happiness. ….until now.

I suppose you could say I’m at a different stage in my life and view the things around me in a different light. I have a two year old daughter who is obsessed with anything princess-related and has daily make believe parties with Elsa, Anna, Christoff, and Olaf. 

When I saw a deal for Disney on Ice: Frozen on Certifikid (if you haven’t already signed up for Certifikid, you need to. Now.), I figured, well, let’s buy tickets and see how it goes. Every parent of a toddler worries when taking them to public events like this. Will she have multiple meltdowns in front of the thousands of people in the arena? Will she be bored? We’re potty training – how easy will it be for me to get her to the bathroom if she has to go? Can you bring snacks inside the arena?

The day of the show, the little one was beyond excited to see her first live performance. I pre-ordered a beautiful Elsa costume the week before and revealed it to her right before it was time to leave for the show. Her reaction was priceless.  Princess dress – check. Show tickets – check. And off we went to see Frozen on Ice!

Disney on Ice: Frozen

Disney on Ice was, for a lack of better words, magical. The costumes were so well done and seeing Elsa, Anna, and the other characters glide on the ice was captivating. I couldn’t help but to sing the words to every song! V was ALL in – barely blinking and not wanting to miss once second of the winter wonderland that was before her eyes. At one point, she even turned to me, paused, and forcefully said, “Mommy, stop singing!” Because, yes, my singing was interrupting her experience.


It was then that I realized, nobody does it like Disney. Disney has obviously put a lot of thought into every single detail of their shows and products and have figured out how to provide amazing experiences for children and adults alike. I hate to admit it, but I think I have finally been bitten by the Disney bug. It’s been several weeks since we went to Disney on Ice and my daughter is STILL talking about the show and telling every living being she meets about how great it was. Her joy quickly became our joy, and we are looking forward to what new Disney experience we can do next!

My Disney on Ice Quick Tips:

1.       Order a costume for your child to wear to the show. Kids love to dress up! Especially when there’s hundreds of other little people wandering around the theater or arena also in costume.

2.       Look for discounted show tickets. My favorite websites to find discounted tickets kids shows (in the US) are CertifiKid and Goldstar.

3.       Bring snacks, but be prepared to buy a treat or two from the concession stand.

4.       Have a plan for parking. (We drove into the city for the show and it happened to be a big tourist weekend. It took us almost an hour just to park in a garage, which cut into our dinner reservation.

5.       Following up on #4, make a dinner reservation at a restaurant close to the show venue. It gave us a chance to eat, get a little settled, and in good spirits before the show. Nobody wants to deal with a hangry toddler for 2.5 hours!

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